WLW Spanking Erotica

“Daniela Norton, if you do not get in this car right now I will phone your parents home early.” Rachel fumed. It was Halloween night and despite being 21 years old, Rachel would rather have been at home studying for her next test. Her friends were notorious partiers but she was a golden child. Straight A’s in her college courses and no-nonsense as a zipper. You could trust her to get any job done. But Daniela tried her seemingly inexhaustible patience. 

The last few months, Rachel was hired to babysit the Norton’s twin daughters, Daniela and Grace. Well, one of them anyway. Young Daniela wasn’t a bad egg. Honest. She was just always off on adventures. Her impulsive nature and flair for dangerous activities led her parents to hiring Rachel. They just couldn’t trust the 17 year old on her own. Sure, it was semi-embarrassing, but the girls had known each other since they were babies and Rachel was a toddler. 

Her twin sister, Grace, was everything the name implied. She was willowy, graceful, and soft-spoken. Where Daniela was brash, Grace was gentle. Her favorite activity was tea parties with her friends in decathlon. Grace who was currently sitting serenely in the backseat though there was hardly enough room to breathe in. 

“Daniela, I swear, it’s as though you try and get into trouble. I’m at the end of my rope here.” Rachel said through clenched teeth as the teenager got back in the truck. Rachel’s Daddy had fixed it up for her to go off to college. However, luckily for the Norton’s, she had opted to go to a local community college. It still came in handy, though, Rachel thought. She’d hate to be riding their bikes in this weather. 

It was a blustery evening with pin pricks of rain in the wind against Daniela’s cheeks. She pumped her arm to roll the old fashioned window up. Rachel had turned her back for one second and Daniela found a kitten to tend to two houses away. She was always finding strays somehow. She seemed to speak their language. 

Truly speaking, Rachel was more upset at the B- she had received on the quiz Friday. The last straw had been turning around to find Daniela gone in a trick-or-treating crowd. Rachel had deposited Grace in the truck and went circling the streets for Daniela. 

“Grace, please go to your room and begin your homework.” Rachel said sweetly as they pulled back into the Norton’s driveway. Grace nodded her assent and began towards the house. 

“I’m sorry, Rach. Honest! I am. But this kitten was so-” Daniela started. 

“Daniela, I don’t care. I told you to stay close to me tonight and you deliberately disobeyed me.” Rachel pursed her lips and pointed to the front door. “Go inside and get in time-out.” 

“Awww, come on, Rach. I’m too old for-” 

“You’re too old is right, you know better than to wander off.” Rachel said primly. 

Daniela sighed and exited the truck before going to her spot in the corner of the living room. 

As Grace was grabbing a glass of water before heading up to the room, she giggled at the sight of Daniela in the corner. When no one was around her sister sure was a bitch, Daniela thought, her cheeks flaming red. 

“Fuck off.” She said, turning to the doorway. 

Rachel stood in the other doorway with her mouth agape. “What did you say to me?” 

“No, I was talkin’ to Gra-” 

“That is it, Daniela Mae Norton.” Rachel’s hands rummaged through her school bag on the couch until she emerged victorious. A wooden hairbrush. She dashed forward to grab Daniela by the forearm and pulled her towards the couch. Sitting herself down, Rachel quickly tugged Daniela over her lap, tucking her legs under her own. 

“What are you doing?” Daniela gasped in surprise. 

“I’m giving you a spanking that you well deserve.” Rachel said angrily. Her own mother had dispensed many spankings over her childhood. She was well-versed in the ritual of a sore bottom herself. She tugged down Daniela’s yoga pants and the yellow panties with small pink flowers, too. 

Daniela really struggled then. Her hand shot back to prevent it, but Rachel easily pinned it to the small of her back. The first few smacks of Rachel’s hand on Daniela’s unclad, pert bottom resounded loudly on the wood floors. 

“Ouch!” They both thought, though they would not say it. Rachel’s hand was on fire and Daniela’s bottom was stinging like crazy. It pinked up nicely in the lamplight. Daniela’s stomach clenched as she suddenly felt something cold on her rosy cheeks. 

Rachel circled the hairbrush slowly. She raised her arm and brought it down on the left cheek, and then the right, and then the left. Over and over. Like a metronome. Left. Right. With Daniela kicking her legs and letting high pitched squeals erupt. She kept going until Daniela’s bottom was an ugly purple with blood bursts under the skin. 

Daniela was sobbing mutely and laying limply, no longer kicking and screaming. It seemed she was… rutting against Rachel’s knee. Rachel was breathing heavily as she stared at her handiwork. It was a beautiful mess of bruises already. She felt her labia engorged and sensitive as she tensed her leg muscles around Daniela’s legs. 

Rachel noticed a deep, musky smell. Something clean and sexy. She spread Daniela’s ripe cheeks and saw how wet she was for Rachel. 

“You liked that, huh?” Rachel said smugly. She dipped one knuckle into the hot, wet pussy lips Daniela was sporting in front of her. Daniela didn’t respond to the question, instead, she let out a low moan. She ground her clit into Rachel’s knee and let little breaths of awe escape her. Now she knew what all the fuss was about. This felt amazing. 

Rachel came to her senses and ripped her knuckle away. “We shouldn’t be doing this. I’m your babysitter.” 

“I’m not a baby.” Daniela whined, forcing her legs open more. “I turn 18 in less than a month.” 

Rachel brought down a hand onto the lips of Daniela’s pussy in a sharp smack. Daniela yelped and shot up off Rachel’s lap. 

“You sure act like a baby sometimes.” Rachel muttered.

Daniela had no good retort, so she stuck out her tongue. A movement on the stairwell caught her eye, she turned to look, rubbing her backside. She caught Grace’s costume, a pink tutu bobbing back up to the second floor. They had been seen. 

“Grace saw you spank me. She’s probably going to tell on you.” Daniela said fearfully. 

“Your parents gave me permission ages ago. From what your dad says, you’re lucky it was me. He mentioned a switch.” Rachel replied. Daniela gulped, she hated switches with a fiery passion. Her dad was normally a belt man, but even her parents grew weary of her behavior. Spanking was for the spanker more than the spankee, anyway. Why couldn’t she just be like Grace? They looked so similar or Daniela would swear she had been swapped at birth.

Rachel stood up and stretched her neck and wiped the sweat from her brow. “Well, get along upstairs and work on your homework. Lights out at 9.” 

Daniela pulled her yoga pants back up and frowned. “We’re not even going to talk about this?” 

“Nope.” Rachel popped back. “Move it, missy, I haven’t put this hairbrush up yet.” 

Daniela hopped to it, passing Grace’s room to her own. She saw her sister working quietly at her desk. “I know you were watching, nosy.” Daniela hissed. 

Grace turned and gave her an angelic smile, “Prove it.” 

“Girls! Are y’all working on homework?” Came Rachel from downstairs. 

“Yes, ma’am!” They both called back before sticking their tongues out at each other.