8 Interesting Facts of the Science Behind BDSM

  1. 47% of women have fantasies of dominating someone sexually.
  2. Masochism gives us a temporary relief from all the burdens of self-hood (Krafft-Ebing 1965).
  3. Consensual Master/slave relationships go back from now to ancient times.
  4. 68.8% of people (or rounded up to a nice 69) have “kinky sexual fantasies.”
  5. The most successful relationships very early on in dating are transparent about their needs.
  6. In most BDSM relationships, compared to vanilla relationships, the perceived compatibility of a couple was close to actual compatibility.
  7. When asked if they had done at least one BDSM activity, 48.8% responded yes. However, when asked if they had fantasized that number goes up by 22%.
  8. Those outside of the gender binary and those who are switches are critically under-researched.

(From a class by Brad Sagarin, the head of the Science of BDSM Research Team.)