Challenging Your Negative Thoughts

The other night I was going about my usual routine and stopped to lay down for a few minutes. I had been going going going all day long and just needed a breather. But after a few seconds, my brain went into overdrive. My Master had walked by and seen me laying down.

I felt guilty. Unproductive. Lazy. I thought, “He must think I’m a POS.”

Normally, I would just get up and begin working on whatever again. This time, since starting therapy and actively checking the processes my brain has, I decided to ask. I challenged this idea that I am a lazy person by simply asking what he thought of me.

News flash: He said he thought I was very productive. Never once did it cross his mind that by taking a break I am unproductive or should hate myself. So, I just challenge all of you to do the same. Pay attention to the narrative your brain spins about you and ask questions.